Welcome to 103.5 WDBF-lpFM Brave Nation. Broadcasting from the Hoosier Pattern Studios, we are the Voice of Bellmont High School. We play non-stop music 24/7 and are completely student-operated (well, there is an adult GM but he just brings us food and candy but he is a nice man). We are a low-powered (LP) FM station operating with 100 watts of power, we cover all of Adams County, and—if it’s really cloudy—we reach Allen, Wells, and Jay counties.


 Keep your dial set to 103.5FM or your URL set to 1035.live for the best music in Adams County. 




Learn more about your 2019-2020 BraveNation team here!

 Our New 2020 broadcast schedule looks like this:

6am-8am Mon-Fri- "The Morning Show" with Lance Orme who returns for his second year behind the mic

8am-10am Mon-Fri- "Fast Times @ Bellmont High" with Claire Nelson

10m-12pm Mon-Fri- "That 70s,80s,90s Show" with MissLyss who brings her curating skills onboard full-time.

12pm-2pm Mon- Fri "Rocking With Rylen" with Rylen Ford- two hours of pumping up the volume.

2pm-4pm Mon-Fri "The Shuffle Show pt. 1" with Remy Bultemeier

4pm-6pm Mon-Fri "The Shuffle Show pt. 2" with Taylor Braun

6pm-9pm Mon- Thurs-Fri (6pm-8pm) "Adult Spin" with Jovan Mrvos. The best of everything-no kids stuff!

9pm-12am- Mon-Thurs "Adult Spin" with no interruptions

12am-6am- "East of Midnight" deep albums tracks from the Golden Era of Rock

8am-10am Sunday Mornings "Setting the Standard". Frank, Dino, Nat King Cole - songs from The Great American Songbook with Parker Braun!





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