About the station

WDBF was “born” in the Fall of 2013 when Jovan Mrvos, a local resident, discovered that the FCC was opening up the low powered (LP) spectrum of the FM band. The last time that the FCC opened up the spectrum for new licenses was in 2001. Applications for a license were open to non-profits, religious organizations, and educational facilities.

The North Adams Community Schools school board gave approval for license application in November 2013. The application was filed and approved by the FCC in Feb. 2014. The license holder is North Adams Community School Corp.

Fundraising began and the local community responded enthusiastically. The station went on the air full-time with student staff in November 2016.

The station broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. FCC license requires that the station broadcast during school hours/school days, but because we have automation software, it allows us to broadcast non-stop.

WDBF is a truly student-run station. Like a commercial station, we have management roles that are responsible for the day-to-day operations with Jovan Mrvos being the “adult in the room” serving as the General Manager. Our staff includes six on-air staff who also have additional responsibilities, such as Music Director, Program Director, Production Director, and soon we hope to add Sales Manager.

WDBF is indebted to our Legacy Underwriters who contributed all the funds to launch the station. We are also deeply indebted to Jim Crocker of Rockford, Ohio. We truly would not be on the air without his tireless efforts in getting us up and running. Thanks from all of us, Jim.

We are also grateful for the support of Ms. Kim Hiatt, Principal of Bellmont High School; Mr. Brent Lehman, Superintendent of North Adams Community Schools; and Mr. Ben Faurote, President of the North Adams School Board.

Legacy Underwriters

The following companies and individuals contributed critical funds that ensured that we would be able to not only launch, but could sustain the program until long-term funding was in place.

  • Keith Gerber & Hoosier Pattern Inc. (studio naming rights)
  • The Adams County Community Foundation
  • Charlie Brune and Complete Printing Services
  • Ron and Jane Gerber
  • Donald Lengerich
  • Pat Lose
  • Bunge North America
  • And finally, we would not be able to expand our dream into the digital realm without the generous financial support of Chuck and Lisa Surack and the Sweetwater Family of Companies.

Meet the team

Lance Orme Host of "The Morning Show" 6am-8am M-F

Lance Orme is the only returning student from the 2018-2019 BraveNation team. Last year Lance was on air 9-11am Monday through Friday but this year you can catch Lance from 6am-8am with "The Morning Show". Lance is into a variety of music but his favorites are 80s and 90s rock. Lance is only a Sophomore and he's not entirely sure what he wants to do after high school but he knows he wants to be a professional cook. When Lance isn't on the radio or at school you can find him hanging with friends or listening to music. 

Claire Nelson Host of "Fast Times @ Bellmont High" M-F 8am-10am

Claire is brand new to radio and will be joining the Brave Nation team in January of 2020. You can catch Claire from 8-10am during "Fast Times @ Bellmont High". Claire loves music and wants to share the music she likes with people. Her favorites are 80s, rock, alternative and pop. Claire is also involved in show choir and soccer. Even though Claire is only a Freshman, as of now she plans to go to college and study Environmental Science. 

MissLyss Host of "There's A Song For That" Friday and Saturday Nights 8-10pm

MissLyss is returning this year with her show "There's A Song For That" on Friday and Saturday nights from 8-10pm. On TASFT, MissLyss curates a playlist for a specific topic. This year's playlist cover a variety of topics from 'Songs For When Your Heartbroken" to "Songs With Iconic Bass Lines" to "Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers" and everything else in between. Her show will also feature more guests this year!  When MissLyss isn't at the radio station, you can catch her at her full-time marketing job for a company here in Decatur, otherwise, she's probably at a concert or taking a nap. 

Rylen Ford Host of "Rocking with Rylen" M-F 2pm-4pm

Rylen is a brand new voice to BraveNation this year and you will be able to catch him Monday-Friday from 2pm-4pm with his show "Rocking with Rylen" - 2 hours of volume pumping music to get you through that mid-day slump. Rylen is a Senior at Bellmont High School and he got interested in radio because it lets him unleash his creativity and express himself through music. The type of music he enjoys the most is 60's and 90's rock. After graduation, Rylen plans on enlisting in the Marine Corps as a Combat Support Operator.  Outside of school and radio, Rylen enjoys football and doing things in the outdoors like fishing, biking, running and weight training. 

Remington (Remy) Bultemeir Host of "The Shuffle Show pt. 1" M-F 2pm-4pm

Remy will be joining the Brave Nation team in January 2020. Remy is a Freshman and loves talking in front of other people. He says his friends were also a big influence on wanting to be on the radio. Remy loves all types of music. He would like to start his own hunting and outdoors show. Aside from radio, Remy also bowls, runs track and loves to hunt. You can catch Remy on part 1 of The Shuffle Show Mondays through Friday from 2p-4p. 

Taylor Braun Host of "The Shuffle Show" M-F 4pm-6pm

Taylor Braun is a Freshman here at Bellmont High School and is a brand new voice to BraveNation, but she is not a stranger. Taylor will be taking over her brother, Parker Braun's (you guys remember Parker, right?)  "Shuffle Show" Monday through Friday from 4pm-6pm. Taylor has always had music as a big part of her life. Her dad and brother are huge music fans so she has always grown up listening to older types of music. She especially loves anything rock from the '60s to the '80s. Taylor is only a Freshman and isn't sure what she's doing after high school but is interested in the medical business field. Outside of school and radio, Taylor plays a lot of tennis and enjoys going to concerts. 

Parker Braun Host of "Setting The Standard" Sunday mornings from 8-10am

Speaking of Taylor's brother Parker... he's baaack. Parker Braun will be back at BraveNation this year, not as a student but behind the scenes as a part of our sales team. He is a 2019 graduate of Bellmont High School and is currently attending college at Purdue in Fort Wayne. If you miss hearing Parker's on-air talent, have no fear! Parker will be returning this year with a specialty show, "Setting The Standard" where he will be playing songs from The Great American Songbook. You will hear from the greats such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and others! You can catch Parker every Sunday from 8-10am.