Welcome to 103.5 WDBF-lpFM Brave Nation. Broadcasting from the Hoosier Pattern Studios, we are the Voice of Bellmont High School. We play non-stop music 24/7 and are completely student-operated (well, there is an adult GM but he just brings us food and candy but he is a nice man). We are a low-powered (LP) FM station operating with 100 watts of power, we cover all of Adams County, and—if it’s really cloudy—we reach Allen, Wells, and Jay counties.

January, 10th- NEW PROGRAM ALERT-Join MissLyss every Friday from 8pm-10pm (beginning Fri.Jan.18th) for "There's a Song For That." .We'll let her tell you what the show is about: "Hey Hey! I’m MissLyss and I host “There’s A Song For That” every Friday and Saturday nights from 8-10pm. I have playlists and songs for every and any occasion. From a first dance at a wedding, to my favorite one hit wonders, to songs that are my favorite for getting through a breakup. I can’t wait to talk to the community and hear their stories on what certain songs mean for them."  Join us every Friday/Saturday nights for local programming at its finest -the Management 

January 15- NEW PROGRAM ALERT-Join Lance Monday thru Fridays from 9am-11am for his new show "Transition Tempos"  beginning on Monday, January 28th. Lance will be playing a very wide variety of music not dissimiliar to Parker's "Shuffle Show." Lance will be playing the very best of all genres. Be sure to join him and let's welcome our newest member of Brave Nation.- the Management

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